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Chris Ross artist project

In collaboration with Montreal artist Chris Ross, I created this time lapse of his work in progress.


Indiegogo Fundraiser Prints

For everyone who selected a photo package for the Taking Root documentary project, the choices have finally arrived! Below is a selection …


Nicaragua – Doors & Windows

I was captivated by all of the different doors and windows that I saw. Some were very run down, while others looked …


Nicaragua – The People

Everywhere we visited, everyone was happy to have their picture taken. While the scenery is beautiful, it’s the people that make this …


Biodôme adventure, Montreal

Thanks to the Montreal Biôdome (http://espacepourlavie for giving us a private tour of their facilities! I went with Sylvie, another of …

Australia competition promo video

Help send Sylvie and I to Australia! We need your help in the form of endorsements! Tell Tourism Australia (@TourismAus) that good …

Cameleon QC

Chameleons QC

Today I went with Sylvie Lau (https://www NULL.facebook to Chameleon QC (http://www NULL.facebook, local chameleon and reptile breeders. What a …